• NCB 's Services at a glance

    Cement Industry
    Alternative Fuels
    Coating & Build-up
    Comprehensive Process Audit
    Energy Audit
    Geology, Mining and Raw Materials
    Investigations on kiln shell corrosion
    Limestone Consumption Factor
    Optimization of Raw Mix Design
    Plant Maintenance
    Process and Productivity
    Project Engineering & System Design
    Raw Materials, Cements & Special Formulations
    Refractory Engineering Services
    Studies on coating and ring formations
    Concrete and Construction Technology
    Evaluation of Aggregates
    Concrete Mix Design and Admixture Testing
    Mechanical Properties of Concrete
    Durability Tests of Concrete
    Third Party Construction Quality Audit
    Structural Optimization and Design
    Energy & Environment
    Environment Management
    Energy Audit
    Laboratory Services
    Calibration Laboratory Services at NCB
    NCB Proficiency Testing Scheme
    Standard Reference Materials (SRMs)
    Quality Management Services
    Third Party Construction Quality Audit
    TQM & Quality Systems
    Structural assessment and Rehabilitation
    Non-Destructive Testing & Diagnostics for Distressed Structures
    Durability Tests of Concrete
    Testing and Evaluation of Materials
    Evaluation of raw materials and cement samples
    Testing Services
    Evaluation of Aggregates
    Durability Tests of Concrete
    Mechanical Properties of Concrete
    PG Diploma in Cement Technology
    Short Term Courses
    Special Group Training Programmes
    Simulator based courses
    Waste Utilization
    Alternative Fuels
    Wastes Utilization
    Advanced Facilities
    Heating Microscope
    Inductive Coupled Plasma Spectrometer
    Optical Microscopy
    Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
    X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD)

    Project & Industrial Activities

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  • NCB Hyderabad Unit — (Activities)

    Services Offered at NCB Hyderabad
    R&D Activities
    • Establishing Limestone Consumption Factor
    • Optimization of raw mix design for improved quality of clinker
    • Utilization of marginal/low grade limestone in the manufacture of cement
    • Improving clinker/cement quality
    • Maximization of Fly ash in PPC and improving clinker quality for operating cement plants
    • Technical suitability of Utilization of slag/copper slag/zinc slag in blending materials in manufacture of Portland slag cement
    • Establishing technical suitability of fly ash as a raw mix component in manufacturing of OPC
    Independent Testing Services (INT)
    • Independent Testing Laboratories (ISO 17025 accredited) undertake complete physical, chemical, various types of raw materials, cement, clinker, pozzolana, aggregate, concrete, water, refractory, bricks
    • Mineralogical analyses of clinker, glass content of Slag by microscopy
    • Coal, lignite (proximate and GCV) etc; as per BIS standards
    • Particle size analysis of raw materials, cements, kiln feed
    • Quality Monitoring services for quarterly samples of Raw materials, clinker and cements for one year
    • Contact training on Physical testing of Cements and chemical testing of cements, raw materials by EDTA
    • Minor constituent’s estimation by spectrophotometer
    Calibration Services (Traceable to NPL, New Delhi)
    • Force Measuring Devices (Proving Rings -50kN, 100kN, 250kN, 500kN,1000kN, & 2000kN)
    • Blaine’s Cell
    • CTM/ACTM calibration at site
    Total Quality Management (TQM)

    Laboratory Assessment and Proficiency Improvement Study for Quality Control Laboratory of Cement plants

    For further details please contact:

    National Council for Cement and Building Materials

    NCB Bhawan,

    Old Bombay Road,(Gachibowli-Mehdipatnam Road)

    Hyderabad-500 104,Telangana, INDIA

    Phone:+91-40-23180400, +91-40-23180417

    Fax:+91-40-23006739, 23000343

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