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    Alternative Fuels
    Coating & Build-up
    Comprehensive Process Audit
    Energy Audit
    Geology, Mining and Raw Materials
    Investigations on kiln shell corrosion
    Limestone Consumption Factor
    Optimization of Raw Mix Design
    Plant Maintenance
    Process and Productivity
    Project Engineering & System Design
    Raw Materials, Cements & Special Formulations
    Refractory Engineering Services
    Studies on coating and ring formations
    Concrete and Construction Technology
    Evaluation of Aggregates
    Concrete Mix Design and Admixture Testing
    Mechanical Properties of Concrete
    Durability Tests of Concrete
    Third Party Construction Quality Audit
    Structural Optimization and Design
    Energy & Environment
    Environment Management
    Energy Audit
    Laboratory Services
    Calibration Laboratory Services at NCB
    NCB Proficiency Testing Scheme
    Standard Reference Materials (SRMs)
    Quality Management Services
    Third Party Construction Quality Audit
    TQM & Quality Systems
    Structural assessment and Rehabilitation
    Non-Destructive Testing & Diagnostics for Distressed Structures
    Durability Tests of Concrete
    Testing and Evaluation of Materials
    Evaluation of raw materials and cement samples
    Testing Services
    Evaluation of Aggregates
    Durability Tests of Concrete
    Mechanical Properties of Concrete
    PG Diploma in Cement Technology
    Short Term Courses
    Special Group Training Programmes
    Simulator based courses
    Waste Utilization
    Alternative Fuels
    Wastes Utilization
    Advanced Facilities
    Heating Microscope
    Inductive Coupled Plasma Spectrometer
    Optical Microscopy
    Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
    X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD)

    Project & Industrial Activities

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  • Completed Projects

    Cement and Other Binders (COB)
  • Performance evaluation of cements containing limestone as mineral admixture
  • Development of improved fast setting and high early strength cement formulation
  • Investigations on material and fuel characteristics affecting clinker and cement quality
  • Studies on the role of performance improvers on the characteristics of cement
  • Investigations on the effect of mineral addition on the hydration and performance characteristics of Portland cement
  • Effect of raw material characteristics on burnability, clinker quality and clinker grindability
  • Establishing relationship between actual (microscopic analysis) phase composition and theoretical phase composition
  • Development of new hydraulic cementitious binders using overburden and wastes from limestone mines
  • Extended field trails and commercial application for fast setting cement based formulations
  • Long term performance evaluation of high magnesia cement
  • Effect of granulometry on performance of cements from different grinding systems
  • Development of high magnesia / alkaline cement systems
  • Development of high performance cement based materials
  • Updating the inventory of industrial wastes for use in cement and building materials manufacture
  • Development of improved gypsum based products from byproduct gypsum
  • Feasibility of making clinker at low temperature with chloride technology
  • Manufacturing of building lime (alternate to class C) using high magnesia limestone
  • Investigations on potentials of using mineral fines as additives for manufacture of cement
  • Development of software package for raw mix design including off line control of raw mix composition in cement industry
  • Development of software package for evaluation of burnability of cement raw mix
  • Performance evaluation of cements containing limestone, fly ash and slag
  • Development of low lime, low energy and high performance cements utilizing industrial wastes
  • Development of composite cements for Indian market – Part 1

    Waste Utilization (WAU)
  • Use of industrial wastes containing toxic/ heavy metal constituents as raw/ blending materials for cement manufacture and studies regarding their immobilization
  • Identification and extraction of relatively more active fraction in Indian fly ashes
  • Enhancing the use of fly ash in cement and concrete through processing of fly ash
  • Utilization of marble dust for the development of building materials
  • Investigations on performance and durability of OPC and PSC prepared utilizing different types of slags
  • Investigations on utilization of marble slurry/ marble dust as alternate to limestone in cement manufacture

    Refractory and Ceramics
  • Improving quality of basis refractory bricks for cement rotary kiln
  • Development of expert system for refractories management in cement industry
  • Performance evaluation of NCB Magnesia Spinelide Refractory (MSR) bricks in cement rotary kiln
  • Development of coating repellant refractory brick for cement rotary kiln system
  • Development of alumina zircon refractories for cement rotary kiln system
  • Full scale plant trials of Alumina Zircon Refractories for Cement Rotary Kiln Systems
  • Further improvement of NCB Magnesia Spinelide Refractory (MSR) bricks
  • Development of Zirconia based coating repellant castables for cement rotary kiln systems
  • Development of technology for the manufacture of sintered aggregate for construction and high temperature applications
  • Evolving guidelines for improved refractory engineering practices for modern capacity cement plants

    Fundamental and Basic Research
  • Investigations on cement hydration products from liquid and gaseous phases
  • Development of method for estimation of reactive silica in fly ash
  • Evaluation of the effect of SO3 content exceeding BIS limits on the properties of cement
  • Investigations on clinker microstructure and performance characteristics of Portland cements prepared using low and marginal grade limestone
  • Development of cements and binders based on nanotechnology
  • Development of geopolymeric cements
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