• X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD)

    X-ray diffractometery is an essential tool for rapid identification of minerals, compounds and other crystalline phases. This technique is safe, non-destructive and fast for routine automatic operation and has wide applications in cement and construction industries for:

    • Mineralogical and phase analysis of raw materials, wastes and industrial by-products
    • Burnability studies of cement raw mixes
    • Identification of clinker mineral phases, semi-quantitative estimation and polymorphism of clinker phases
    • Detection of free lime, periclase, quartz and any other undesired phase in clinker
    • Cement quality and adulterants in cement
    • Diagnostic studies on causes of scaling and build-ups in cement rotary kiln, coating in cement silos, cause of refractory lining failure, unstable kiln coating, ring formation and kiln shell corrosion
    • Hydration studies of cement
    • Investigations on damaged concrete structure


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