• Structural Assessment & Rehabilitation

    Service offered:

    UPV test of Concrete Structure for Quality Assessment
    • In-situ quality assessment, durability investigation and residual life assessment of concrete structures
    • NDT, Pile integrity testing and Impact echo testing
    • Distress investigations of buildings, bridges, dams, power plants, chimney, silo etc. deteriorated due to aggressive environment or fire damaged structure
    • Consultancy for repairs/rehabilitation & retrofitting
    • Study of Micro-structure of Concrete using SEM, OM, XRD, TG-DTA-DSC
    • Bridge diagnostic testing using state-of-the-art equipment

    Studies undertaken

    Pile Integrity Test of Prestressed Concrete Bridge
    Condition Assessment of RCC Bridges
    • In-situ testing of concrete structures for assessment of quality and distress evaluation of concrete structures of various types across the country (more than 35 projects per annum).
    • Condition assessment of civil structures including field and laboratory studies using state-of-the-art equipment’s covering recommendations for repair and remedial for restoration and rehabilitation of the aging structures to ensure the structural integrity, restoration of strength and health of RCC structures like Turbine Generator Foundation, Boiler Mill Foundation, FD & ID Foundations, Chimney Shell, Silos etc.
    • Study on field and laboratory investigations of concrete dam.
    • Evaluation of cementitious repair products conforming to EN 1504-2005 for NHPC.
    • Performance evaluation for Steel Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete (SFRS) Lining of the underground Desilting Chambers of a hydro power project
    • Condition Assessment Study using Non Destructive & Partial destructive Evaluation Technique including repair methodology and schedule of items for repair & restoration work of Minor Bridges/culverts & Major Bridges at NTPC Rihand
    • Assessment of fire damaged Reinforced Concrete Structures
    Core extraction from RCC foundation Half-cell Potential Measurement of Corrosion Damaged Structure Carbonation depth being measured on freshly extracted core at site


    Latest Activities