• Concrete Technology & Management

    Service offered:

    Evaluation of Concrete Making Materials such as:

    • Cement and cementitious Materials such as OPC, PPC, PSC, Fly ash, GGBS, Silica-fume, Ultrafine GGBS, Ultrafine Flyash, LD Slag etc. click here for details
    • Aggregates - Complete physical and chemical analysis, Petrography, Soundness and Alkali-aggregate reactivity of Natural aggregates, crushed fine aggregate, recycled aggregate and manufactured aggregate like electric arc furnace slag aggregate etc. click here for details
    • Chemical Admixture: Effectiveness and compatibility studies of Super-plasticizers, accelerators, VMA, Anti washout admixture, Anti shrinkage compounds, water proofing chemicals etc. . click here for details
    • Complete Evaluation of Corrosion inhibitors as per different Indian and international standards like JIS Z1535, ASTM G1, ASTM G3, AASTHO T259 etc. click here for details
    • Mixing as well as curing water & curing compounds.
    Workability Measurement of Roller Compacted Concrete

    Special Concrete, Advanced Concrete Composite & Standard Concrete Mix Designs:

    • Ordinary concrete, Standard Concrete, High Strength Concrete using OPC, PPC, PSC, OPC + fly ash, OPC + Fly ash + Silica Fume etc.
    • Development of Special Concrete such as High Performance Concrete, Pervious concrete, Plastic concrete, High Volume Fly Ash Concrete, Self-Compacting Concrete, Pavement Quality Concrete, Dry Lean Concrete, Roller Compacted Concrete, under water concrete, Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM), Geopolymer concrete, Ultra high strength concrete (UHPC)etc.
    • Shotcrete
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    V-Funnel & L-Box Test for SCC

    Mechanical properties and Durability Studies of Concrete Through Accelerated Test:

    • Accelerated Carbonation test and corrosion rate measurement of RC subjected to carbonation induced reinforcement corrosion.
    • Creep testing and coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete.
    • Stress strain behavior of concrete and determination of Poisson’s ratio for concrete.
    • Water permeability test of cement mortar and concrete..
    • Chloride induced reinforcement corrosion through test like chloride immersion test, impressed current voltage test, ASTM G 109, ASTM G1582.
    • Abrasion resistance of concrete as per revolving disk method and under water resistance test.
    • Performance of concrete against sulphate attack
    • Performance assessment of concrete exposed to Alkali–Aggregate Reaction and other aggressive environment that causes deterioration of concrete
    Abrasion Resistance test for Concrete
    Creep testing in loaded condition

    Studies Undertaken:

    • Development & Design of high Abrasion resistance concrete in Laboratory & Quality assurance services at site for its production and placement for Maneri Dam Site, Uttarkashi & Ichari Dam site, Uttarakhand.
    • Use of fly ash, copper slag, bottom ash and recycled aggregate in concrete
    • Evaluation of Low Density Aggregates (LDA) and Structural Lightweight Concrete using LDA
    • Study on Use of ferrochrome slag as a fine aggregate (water cooled) and coarse aggregate (air cooled) in concrete
    • Development of high abrasive strength materials for spillway and glacis
    • Studies for Preparation of Specifications and Guidelines for use of Coal based Bottom Ash as Replacement of Fine Aggregate in Concrete.
    • Evaluation of concrete making materials like cement, water, mineral/chemical admixtures & aggregates for alkali-aggregate reactivity and other properties for hydroelectric & thermal power plants (more than 25 projects per annum).
    • Concrete mix proportions for various grades of concrete for different projects across the country (more than 150 mix designs per annum).
    • Investigation on application of Carbon Nanotubes for improving performance of cement concrete and concrete based precast building products
    • Durability Studies on PSC made using composite slag (mix of BF slag and LD slag).
    • Development of Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) – Including use of Nano Technology for UHPC.
    • Fresh hardened and durability performance evaluation of concrete made with Portland limestone cement (PLC).
    • Studies on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Mass Concrete
    • Durability test on hardened concrete to ascertain the suitability of aggregate to be used in concreting work of tunnel lining for hydroelectric project
    • Performance and durability assessment of crystalline water proofing compounds for structural use
    Corrosion rate measurement & Carbonation chamber
    Abrasion Value Test for Aggregate

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