• Concrete Technology & Management

    Service offered:

    Evaluation of Concrete Making Materials:

    • Cement and cementitious Materials such as OPC, PPC, PSC, Fly ash, GGBS, Silica-fume, Ultrafine GGBS, Ultrafine Flyash, LD Slag etc.
    • Aggregates - Complete physical and chemical analysis, Petrography, Soundness and Alkali-aggregate reactivity of Natural aggregates, crushed fine aggregate, recycled aggregate and manufactured aggregate like electric arc furnace slag aggregate etc.
    • Chemical Admixture: Effectiveness and compatibility studies of Super-plasticizers, accelerators, VMA, Anti washout admixture, Anti shrinkage compounds, water proofing chemicals etc.
    • Complete Evaluation of Corrosion inhibitors as per different Indian and international standards like JIS Z1535, ASTM G1, ASTM G3, AASHTO T259 etc.
    • Mixing and curing water & Curing compounds
    Workability Measurement of Roller Compacted Concrete

    Special Concrete, Advance Concrete Composite & Standard Concrete Mix Designs:

    • Ordinary concrete, standard concrete and High Strength Concrete using OPC, PPC, PSC, OPC + fly ash, OPC + Fly ash + silica fume etc.
    • Development of Special Concrete such as High Performance Concrete, Pervious concrete, Plastic concrete High Volume Fly ash Concrete, Self-Compacting Concrete, Pavement Quality Concrete, Dry Lean Concrete, Roller Compacted Concrete, Under water concrete, Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM) etc.
    • Shotcrete & Non Shrink Grout
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    V-Funnel & L-Box Test for SCC

    Mechanical properties and Durability Studies of Concrete Through Accelerated Test:

    • Accelerated Carbonation test and measurement of carbonation induced reinforcement corrosion
    • Creep testing and coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete.
    • Stress strain behavior of concrete and determination of poison’s ratio for concrete
    • Water permeability test for concrete.
    • Chloride induced reinforcement corrosion through test like chloride immersion test, impressed current voltage test.
    • Abrasion resistance of concrete as per revolving disk method and under water resistance test
    • Performance of concrete against Sulphate attack
    • Alkali–Aggregate Reaction and other aggressive environment to cause deterioration of concrete
    Abrasion Resistance test for Concrete
    Creep testing in loaded condition

    Studies Undertaken:

    • Development & design of high Abrasion resistance concrete in Laboratory & Quality assurance services at site for its production and placement for Maneri Dam Site, Uttarkashi & Ichari Dam site, Uttarakhand.
    • Studies on development of geopolymer concrete.
    • Use of flyash, bottom ash and recycled aggregate in concrete
    • Evaluation of Low Density Aggregates (LDA) and Structural Lightweight Concrete using LDA.
    • Study on the use of copper slag as a replacement to river sand in different grades of concrete
    • Study on Use of ferrochrome slag as a fine aggregate (water cooled) and coarse aggregate (air cooled) in concrete
    • Development of high abrasive strength materials for spillway and glacis
    • Studies for Preparation of Specifications and Guidelines for use of Coal based Bottom Ash as Replacement of Fine Aggregate in Concrete.
    • Evaluation of concrete making materials like cement, water, mineral/chemical admixtures & aggregates for alkali-aggregate reactivity and other properties for hydroelectric & thermal power plants (more than 50 projects per annum).
    • Concrete mix proportions for various grades of concrete and different types of concrete like HSC, SCC, Shotcrete, pervious concrete, CLSM etc. for different projects across the country (more than 250 mix designs per annum).
    Corrosion rate measurement & Carbonation chamber
    Abrasion Value Test for Aggregate

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