• Durability Tests of Concrete

    Sl. No. Name of Test/Service Standard Procedure
    1.0 Chloride Ingress (Critical for Coastal Areas) is Studied Through
    1.1 Rapid Chloride Penetration Tests (RCPT) ASTM C1202
    1.2 Non- steady state chloride Migration Test NT build 492
    1.3 Chloride Diffusion Test ISO 1920 Part 11
    1.4 Bulk conductivity ASTM C1760
    1.5 Electrical resistivity of concrete (by four point Wenner probe method)
    2.0 Deterioration of Concrete Due to Carbonation Attack (Critical in Most of the Non-Coastal Areas Exposed to Normal Weathering) is Studied Through
    2.1 Accelerated Carbonation Test ISO 1920 Part 12
    3.0 Sulphate Attack is Studied By
    3.1 Sulphate Immersion Test on Mortar Bar ASTM C 1012
    3.2 Mass LossTest
    4.0 Alkali Silica Attack on Concrete is Studied By


    4.1 Accelerated Mortar Bar Test ASTM C 1260
    4.2 Short Term and Long Term Mortar Bar IS 2386 –part 7
    4.3 Concrete Prism Bar Test ASTM C 1293
    5.0 Corrosion Effect on Rebar Embedded Concrete is Studied Through
    5.1 Accelerated corrosion test ASTM G1, ASTM G109, Florida test method (FM 5.522)
    5.2 Corrosion rate as per linear polarization technique
    6.0 Additional Test Methods used for Studying Durability of Concrete


    6.1 Water Permeability Test DIN 1048 Part 5
    6.2 Sorptivity Test ASTM C1585
    6.3 Volume of Permeable Voids ASTM 642
    6.4 Air Permeability of Concrete

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