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  • Raw Materials, Cements & Special Formulations

    • Technological assessment of raw materials for cement manufacture and productivity enhancement
    • Designing and optimization of raw mixes for improved productivity and clinker quality.
    • Techno-economic feasibility studies for utilization of mineralizers and additives for fuel economy and improved cement quality
    • Development of special cementitious formulations having regulated setting and strength or non-shrink properties
    • Optimization of geopolymeric cementitious compositions and composite cements
    • Techno-economic feasibility of utilization of low and marginal grade limestone for cement manufacture
    • Assessment and evaluation of silt sediments of reservoirs, dams and river bed sediments for power plants and irrigation projects.
    • Cement performance enhancement through optimization of raw mix design, sulphate content and  particle size distribution.
    • Maximization of fly ash content in PPC through optimization of raw mix design.
    • Raw mix design for manufacture of special cements including white Portland cement and sulphate resisting Portland cement
    • Optimization of masonry cement compositions using clinker, limestone, fly ash and other filler materials
    • Investigations and remedial measures for minimizing lumping and strength loss on storage in cement silos/ cement bags
    • Investigations on cement containing nano particles
    • Investigations on high volume fly ash cement
    • Belite cement utilizing low grade limestone
    • Sulphoaluminate belite cement
    • Investigations on Portland Limestone Cement


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