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    1. Updating of National Inventory of Cement Grade Limestone Deposits (Continuous Activity).
    2. Revision of norms for proving limestone deposits for cement manufacture.
    3. Field Trials of Geophysical Techniques for Limestone Exploration at Gotan Limestone Deposit, District Nagaur, Rajasthan
    4. Raw Materials availability vis-à-vis eco-friendly exploitation in non-cluster regions for future growth of cement industry.
    5. Productivity Enhancement and Quality Control System Design for Continuous Surface Miner Technology.
    6. Establishing Potential Techniques for upgradation of Low grade Limestone and mine rejects.
    7. Digital Image Processing of Remotely Sensed Data for Limestone Exploration
    8. Integration of NCB’s mine planning software
    9. Study of Heterogeneous Limestone Deposits in India for Applicability of Modern Surface Mining Technology
    10. Modern Mining Equipment as Applicable to the Indian Cement Industry



    1. Study on status of present dust emission levels and available technologies for reducing the dust emissions at stone crusher.
    2. Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics Software for the Improvement of Performance of Air Pollution Control Equipment (APCE).
    3. Pollution Load Assessment by Performance Evaluation of Air Pollution Control Equipment for Indian Cement Plants
    4. Studies to reduce CO2 emissions from Cement Plants through absorption of CO2 by Algal Farms
    5. Adaptation of technologies to Reduce NOx and SO2 Emission in   Cement plants and Formulation of Emission Norms
    6. Measures for Reduction of Global Warming by Indian Cement Industry.
    7. Developmental Studies in the area of Hazardous Waste Management.
    8. Environmental Auditing in Cement Plants.
    9. Development of Comprehensive Norms for Environmental Improvement in Cement Industry.
    10. Development of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for Indian Cement Industry.
    11. Environmental Impact Assessment of Specific Cement Plant Clusters or New Project Sites.
    12. Impact Assessment of Environmental Parameters through Remote Sensing Methods.
    13. Environmental Protection through Improvements in Blasting Techniques in Limestone Mines.
    14. Improvement in Environmental Control in Cement Plants.
    15. Evaluation of Filter Media for Fabric Filters for Cement Industry.
    16. Reduction in Dust Generation in Cement Plants.
    17. Reduction in Noise Pollution in Cement Plants.




    1. Development of system Design fro storage handling & firing of different types of Alternates fuels waste in cement plants.
    • Guidelines for identification of proven technologies were developed for alternate fuels
    • International practices on system design for alternate fuels were studied by carrying out visits to international cement plants.
    • System design for storage, handling & firing of various alternatives fuels like plastic waste, tyre chips, ETP Sludge & paint Sludge etc.

    With this study, NCB is now fully capable of providing system design for various alternative fuels to cement industry and has already bagged some projects in this area.




    1. Report on optimization of grinding performance of vertical roller mills for limestone and coal
    2. Report on feasibility studies in bulk packaging system for cement for distribution in Kanpur
    3. Improved design of air seal for ball mill discharge end
    4. Optimization of operation of grate cooler
    5. Study of the ignition characteristics of Indian coals with specific reference to their behavior in large precalcinator kilns
    6. Technical feasibility studies in desulphursation of lignite for its utilization as a fuel in Indian cement industry
    7. Evaluation of the performance of roller press for various grinding operations
    8. Study of performance of preblending and homogenization systems in Indian cement plants including formulation of guidelines for improving their performance
    9. Evaluation of new generation classifiers for further improvement in their performance
    10. Report on process optimization in cement plant through simulation of precalciner kiln and roller press – Ball Mill Systems
    11. Evaluation of technique for desulphursation of lignite and their techno-economic viability for cement manufacture
    12. Productivity Improvement in Kiln through Optimization of Precalciner Operation and Thermal Loading of Kiln as well as Computer Based Simulation Techniques
    13. Development and Adaptation of Technologies for Utilization of Wastes in Cement Manufacture
    14. Updating of NCB Guide Norms for Cement Plant Operations
    15. Co-processing of hazardous wastes in cement manufacture
    16. Diagnostic studies of Pre Heater and Pre Calciner Systems for Indian Cement Industry
    17. Steady state simulation of Roller Press grinding system and dry process kiln
    18. Review of technologies on crushing and grinding system in cement industry

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